The Simpsons suppress the episode with Michael Jackson due to the controversy of Leaving Neverland

The producers of “the Simpsons” have made the decision to remove the episode in which Michael Jackson lent his voice to a character following the broadcast of a documentary accusing the singer of sexual assault on minors. More of Michael Jackson in The Simpsons ! The producers of the Simpsons have taken the decision to dismiss an episode of the series in which the voice of Michael Jackson was heard. According to the Wall Street Journal , this decision followed the release of the documentary ” Leaving Neverland, containing testimony explicit on how the “King of pop” would have sexually assaulted minors. One of the producers of the animated series, James L. Brooks, explains : The people I work with -and with whom I spend my time arguing over jokes – were unanimous (…). It was an episode that we cherish, that has left us with great memories and they will not disappear (…) and I am against burning books, but [The Simpsons] is our book and this allows us to remove a chapter. The episode in question is the season premiere of season 3, Stark Raving Dad (My friend Michael Jackson in VF), and broadcast on September 19, 1991 in the United States. It presents the character of Leon Kompowsky, a patient in a psychiatric asylum in which Homer and pretending to be Michael Jackson (see above screenshot). Kompowsky was doubled at the time by the king of pop himself under the pseudonym John Jay Smith. Here is an excerpt of the episode : Stark Raving Dad will be removed from all gift boxes DVD/ Blu-ray as well as platforms and television channels airing the episodes of the series. The rights-holders of Michael Jackson have filed a complaint against HBO to ask for financial compensation and to denounce the “false accusations” of people bearing witness to this in the documentary ” Leaving Neverland. The participation of Michael Jackson was mentioned in our Give Me Five on “The Simpsons” : Give Me Five Emissions Bonus

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